Arkindex allow authenticated users to create groups with other members using specific roles.

    A right on a specific resource is granted for a group the same way as for a user. Members of a group inherit the rights of this group on different resources.


    If you give access to a group on your project, all its members will inherit of this right.

    The resulting role of a group member is limited by its role on the group and the group role on the target resource. For example, Bob is a Guest member of a group that is Administrator on a project. Bob will be granted a Guest access on the project via its group.

    If multiple access are possible to a same resource (e.g. via multiple groups or a direct right), the user will always be granted the highest.

    Create a group🔗

    Once authenticated, you can list the groups you belong to from your profile page, in the Groups section. A button allows you to create a group.

    Create a group
    Create a group

    A group has a name and a public visibility attributes. If you make a group public, other users may find it by its name. After creating a group you will be automatically redirected to the management page of this group.

    Manage a group🔗

    To manage a group, you may click on a group name from the list in your profile page. A group has an unique identifier that may be used later to grant it rights.

    Manage a group
    Manage a group

    Members of the group all have an access level. At least one member must be administrator of the group. If you created a group, you will initially be its administrator.

    With an administrator access level, you should be able to edit group properties or delete it.