This documentation is aimed at system administrators and business leaders who wish to deploy the Arkindex platform on their own hardware or cloud provider instead of using instances provided by Teklia (like

    If you are interested in using Arkindex on your own documents, but cannot publish them on publicly available instances (due to privacy or regulatory concerns), it's possible to deploy the full Arkindex platform on your own infrastructure.

    We currently offer two editions of Arkindex:

    1. Community Edition, under the AGPL-v3 open-source license, suitable if your project is also open-source;
    2. Enterprise Edition, suitable for all proprietary projects.

    Please contact us if you are interested in Arkindex for your company or institution. We offer dedicated services for all your Arkindex needs (training, setup, project consulting, feature development, ...)


    Arkindex needs a few hard requirements to run on your own hardware:

    • Docker is needed, as we only deploy through Docker images.
    • Linux servers are the only Operating System we support. We heavily recommend using Ubuntu LTS.
    • All your images must be hosted on a IIIF server, or you'll need to expose them through a local IIIF server.
    • A domain name for the platform server:
      • Ideally, a public domain name if your server is reachable on Internet (like
      • or an internal domain name, provided by your company's system administrator.
    • An SSL certificate for that domain name:
      • it can be provided by Let's Encrypt freely and automatically if your server is reachable on Internet
      • or an internal certificate, provided by your company's system administrator.

    To run the Enterprise Edition, your servers must be able to make regular API calls (a few times a day) on a remote server to validate its licence. The server does not necessarily need to be exposed to the Internet, but only to be able to make requests towards a domain.


    In this section you'll find out how to:

    1. Pick an architecture that suits your needs.
    2. Choose your own hardware to run Arkindex efficiently that suits your needs.
    3. Setup Arkindex in production mode.
    4. Configure Arkindex.