Export a project

    This page will guide you through exporting a project as an SQLite database.

    Starting an export🔗

    As a project export can take a long time, it is executed asynchronously. You can start exports, watch their progress and download them from the web interface. Starting an export is subject to some conditions:

    • An export cannot be started if one is already created or running.
    • An export cannot be started if one has completed successfully in the last 6 hours.
    • An export cannot be started if you do not have contributor access on the project.

    To start an export🔗

    1. Open a project's element list in the web interface.
    2. In the Actions menu, click on Manage exports.
    1. In the modal, click the Start export button.

    Monitoring an export🔗

    You can access the exports list and watch the state of an export at any time from the web interface. The export can have one of the following states:

    • Created: The export has been queued.
    • Running: The export is currently running on our servers.
    • Done: The export is completed and can be downloaded.
    • Failed: An error occurred with the export.

    To monitor an export🔗

    1. On the export list modal, click the Refresh button.

    Downloading an export🔗

    An email will be sent if the export completes or fails. When the export completes, the email includes a link to download the export. You can also download the exported database at any time from the web interface.


    Exports are deleted automatically from the Arkindex instance after two weeks.

    To download an export from the web interface🔗

    1. Open the export management modal from the Actions menu.
    2. Click the Download button next to the export you want to download.
    1. Save the file to your computer.