The hierarchy between elements is not enforced at the Type level (there is no graph between different Type), but at the Element level.

    A user can create any hierarchy between Elements using multiple Paths. A Path is simply a link between elements, linking a Parent element with Children elements.

    The links between elements are created in three stages:

    1. During the initial data import (folder and pages structure)
    2. When a human annotator creates some new elements and transcriptions
    3. When running Machine Learning workflows that create new elements and link them to existing elements


    Elements linked as children of some existing element will receive a fixed position depending on the order they have been added and their type.

    For example, if you create two successive line annotations on a page element, they will be considered as the first and the second line. Those elements will be navigable using the neighbors buttons in the navigation bar.

    Neighbors navigation
    Neighbors navigation

    Children of different types receive independent orderings. If you create a line and a paragraph linked to a same element, they will both be considered as a first child without being neighbors.

    Web interface🔗

    The Arkindex web interface enables its users to browse the elements path by two means:

    1. Browsing folder containing elements (you generally go from folder to folder, until you reach a Page element).
    2. When viewing the details of an element linked to an image, you'll also view its children in a tree, on the left side of the screen.
    A tree displays all the children for a specific element
    A tree displays all the children for a specific element

    Each children is an Element itself, that can have its own transcription, metadata, classification, etc...

    You can click on a child element in the tree to display it on the main image. Its polygon should become apparent using a green overlay.

    API Endpoints🔗

    These endpoints are the most useful to handle Element paths: