Import a Transkribus collection

    As an Arkindex user, it is possible to import your Transkribus collections on the Arkindex platform. There you will find the architecture of your collection (folder, page) and the transcriptions you have made.

    To import a Transkribus collection, you will first need to share that collection with the user in Transkribus, then log in with your Transkribus email and password on Arkindex, and enter the ID of the collection you want to import.

    Note: Depending on the instance of Arkindex, the user to whom you need to share the collections may be different. The user is reminded on the Transkribus import page.

    Share your collectionšŸ”—

    You will be asked to share your collections with the user The sharing of your collections can be done with the Transkribus desktop application.

    Collections in the Transkribus application
    Collections in the Transkribus application

    At this stage we recommend that you note the collection ID. You will need it for the next steps. (In this example it would be 43135).

    Sharing a collection with the `` user Sharing a collection with the `` user
    Sharing a collection with the `` user

    Sharing the collection with this user allows us to import the collection smoothly without having to store your password or ask you to log into Transkribus several times.

    Please share your collections with the Editor role to ensure that we will be able to request an export from Transkribus before importing.

    Access the Transkribus import on ArkindexšŸ”—

    The Transkribus import page is available under the New project dropdown, on the top-right corner of the projects list page.

    Access transkribus import from Arkindex
    Access transkribus import from Arkindex

    Validate the user accountšŸ”—

    If this is the first time you're importing a collection from Transkribus, Arkindex will ask you to log in with your Transkribus email and password. This password will not be stored by Arkindex. It is only used to check that you are the owner of the Transkribus account. If the email and the password are correct, only your email will be stored on the Arkindex instance.

    Once you have successfully completed this step, your Transkribus email is saved by Arkindex and you will not need to log in again to import a collection (even if you change your Transkribus password). If you want to log in with another Transkribus account, you will need to go through this authentication process again.

    Register to a Transkribus account
    Register to a Transkribus account

    Import a Transkribus collectionšŸ”—

    If you have already registered your account, a new page is available. You will find there a reminder of the registered Transkribus email. From this page you can import a Transkribus collection or change your Transkribus account.

    Import a collection to Arkindex
    Import a collection to Arkindex

    Finally, you must enter the collection's Transkribus ID, which you can find in the Transkribus application. After checking that the collection ID is correct, you will be redirected to the import status page.

    Successful collection import
    Successful collection import

    Moreover, a new project is created with the name Transkribus collection nĀ°{collection ID}. By default, the project is not public, its description is empty and contains the following elements:

    • Volume that is the equivalent of the Transkribus folder
    • Page
    • Paragraph that is the equivalent of the Transkribus region
    • Text line

    Change the user accountšŸ”—

    If you want to import collections from a different Transkribus account, you can modify the Transkribus account linked to Arkindex. Arkindex will not store your password, only the e-mail address.

    Update account modal
    Update account modal

    Exporting manually from TranskribusšŸ”—

    In cases where sharing your collection with the Arkindex account is not feasible, or where you need more control over the import process, you can export your Transkribus documents using the Transkribus expert client and send your export to us.

    To export manually from Transkribus, first open any document of your collection in the Transkribus client, then click on the Export document button in the toolbar, or use Main Menu ā†’ Document ā†’ Export document.

    The Export document button
    The Export document button

    In the dialog box, in the Server export tab, click on Current collection to export the whole collection. If you want to restrict the export to a few documents, click on Choose documents to export to select them.

    Make sure that the following options are selected:

    • Only the Transkribus Document export format is selected;
    • The Mets tab is selected;
    • The Image type field is set to Original;
    • Export Page and Export Image are checked;
    • Use word layer and Do blackening are unchecked.

    Other options are not relevant for Arkindex imports.

    Example of a properly configured export
    Example of a properly configured export

    Once your configuration is complete, click on OK to start the export. You will receive an email with a link to a ZIP archive that contains your exported documents.