Arkindex 1.6.1

    A new Arkindex release is available.

    To upgrade a development instance, follow this documentation.

    To upgrade a production instance, you need to:

    • Deploy this release's Docker image:
    • Run the database migrations: docker run ark-backend arkindex migrate

    The release notes for Arkindex 1.6.1 are available here.

    The main changes impacting developers and system administrators are detailed below.

    Elements initialisation worker🔗

    The major change introduced by this release for system administrators and developers is the elements initialisation worker. The elements initialisation at the start of every Workers process used to be an internal Arkindex task, and has been converted to a worker. In order to be able to start workers processes on your Arkindex instance, you need to:

    • Set the docker.init_elements_image setting in your configuration file: it defaults to but specifying a tag is recommended, as latest does not guarantee stability.
    • Create the corresponding worker version on your Arkindex instance. If no worker version exists on the instance with the Docker image set in settings, when starting up the backend the system checks will display a warning. You can do this using the worker version publishing command in the CLI, or through the frontend:
      • Go to the workers list page, by clicking on Workers in the user dropdown menu (where your email address is displayed in the main navbar). Use the Create button to create a new worker. You can, for example, name it Elements Initialisation Worker, and set the type as init_worker.
      • Select your new worker in the workers list, and from the versions list on the right, use the Create button to create a new version. Set the Docker image from your settings as the Docker image reference, and {"docker": {"command": "worker-init-elements"}} as the configuration.

    If you do not have an elements initialisation worker version correctly set on your instance, you will not be able to launch any workers process.

    The current recommended docker.init_elements_image setting is:

    Dedicated project exports Redis queue🔗

    In order to be able to run them on dedicated servers with sufficient disk space, as they can get quite big, there is now a new Redis queue reserved for project exports. You need to update your deployment to also run RQ workers on the export queue.

    For Docker Compose-based deployments, see our sample docker-compose.yml.


    If you do not assign RQ workers to the new export queue, no project export job will ever run on your instance.

    Ponos task expiry🔗

    A new ponos.task_expiry setting is available. It defaults to 30 days. After this delay, tasks can be deleted by the arkindex cleanup command.

    ARKINDEX_API_TOKEN deprecation🔗

    The system checks that run when you start up the Arkindex backend now show a warning if the ponos.default_env.ARKINDEX_API_TOKEN setting is set. Hard-coding an API token like this, bypassing proper Ponos task authentication, introduced a potential security risk. If you have this setting in your configuration, consider removing it.

    Project exports backward compatibility🔗

    In 1.6.1, we removed the EntityLink and EntityRole data models. This removes the entity_link and entity_role tables from the project exports, and bumps the export version from 8 to 9. However, version 8 exports can still be imported into an upgraded Arkindex instance using arkindex load_export: these tables are ignored.